Musty Mold & Mildew Odor
My wife Jonnie and I purchased a home in September 2004. When we moved in, we noticed a strong musty smell all through the house. The smells got worse the hotter it got. We kept the A/C going all the time and this did not help.

We searched all through the house and could not find anything anywhere that may be causing the smell. We changed A/C filters, sprayed them with Lysol, cleaned and cleaned, aired out the house and could not get rid of the smell. We replaced the carpet in all but two of the bedrooms and pulled the carpet up in those. The smell was still there! Nothing we could do made the difference.

When you walked into my office last month and told me about your product, I was skeptical, but we were willing to try anything. I went home with your product and on the next Saturday we set off two of them, one in each end of the house. We returned to the house several hours later and there was NO SMELL, NONE, ZIP, all gone and to this date the smell is still gone.

We can not tell you how grateful we are and how pleased we are with your product. I will tell everyone how your product has made my house a place that we could walk into without curling up our nose at a musty smell.

-Russell & Jonnie

Vehicle Odors
One of our customers came to us with a foul deer blood smell in his car. He is a hunter and some of the blood spilled on his carpeting. Rid Odor took the smell out of his car and it has not returned.
- David